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The Third Degree with Bob Brown-University of Tampa

“Academic excellence in an urban oasis,” located in Tampa, FL, the University of Tampa provides a strong undergraduate education for students looking for a college in a warmer, relaxed atmosphere without attending a large state university. The school is in downtown Tampa on a beautiful campus giving students the advantages of an urban setting with close proximity and access to internships and businesses within the city. While an urban location, students are greeted by palm trees as they walk around campus.

Students apply to one of the university’s four colleges and students’ focus of studies stays primarily within that respective college. The College of Arts and Letters, Sykes College of Business, College of Natural and Health Sciences, and the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education comprise the four options for students and this model effectively shrinks the size of UT giving it a smaller college feel. The private university promotes excellence in teaching and research in and out of the classroom. Students are supported to attain internships, to conduct research with faculty, to volunteer with organizations and grow through experiential learning.

The University of Tampa has a very strong athletics program with 22 men’s and women’s sports that compete in the Sunshine State Conference. The Spartans participate at the NCAA Division II level and have won 19 NCAA II championships and captured 112 conference titles. Spartan spirit permeates and unites the campus evoking the motto “Stand as One”.

We reached out to Ms. Madison McGlone, Assistant Director of Admissions, who responded back to us with some insights about the University of Tampa. We asked her the following three questions about the University of Tampa and here is what she had to say.

What is something about the University of Tampa that one would not find on your website that you think everyone who considers your school should know?

“This is a tricky one as anything a student should know is on there! I would say my number one application advice that may not be explicitly listed is to apply early. Applying early is key as we have seen an increasing number of applicants each year, making admission more competitive.”

“On a fun note, there once was a man who lived in one of Plant Hall’s minaret towers, and that is certainly not listed on our website!”

What is your favorite campus tradition or festivity unique to your school?

“My favorite campus festivity is any of the events that happen along the river! Our location right on the Hillsborough River gives our students prime viewing spots for our city’s holiday boat parades, sports championship boat parades, Gasparilla, and UT’s very own Party in the Park.”

What three words would you use to best describe the University of Tampa?

“Diverse, Dynamic, and Distinguished.”

The University of Tampa stands as one of the intriguing universities to consider in Florida especially for students with an interest in Marine Biology and International Business. It is a gem with the benefits of a big city but without many of the drawbacks of urban locations. We encourage students and families to visit Who knows, the University of Tampa may be the place for you, but you will have to give it The Third Degree of your own.

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