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I've been helping students and families navigate the college admissions process since 1998.  As a college admissions professional, I learned about the business of college admissions.  As a school counselor and college planner at a private high school, I learned about the emotion of college admissions.  As an independent college planner, I take what I learned from both and help students and parents make it through the process with knowledge, humor, and honesty.

I believe each student is unique and full of potential.  I believe students should worry about building lives and not resumes.  I believe students are more than test scores. 

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Choosing the right college is a significant decision which can involve a lot of stress, anxiety and emotions for students and parents alike.  I help reduce the stress and uncertainty during the college search process.

I support students as they author their own future and identify what is important to them for a successful college match rather than what peers or others might think is best for them.  My experience and knowledge help students navigate the steps of the process and identify an authentic picture of the college they are hoping to find. 

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