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The Third Degree with Bob Brown-Flagler College

Located in the suburbs of St. Augustine, FL, Flagler College provides a strong undergraduate education for students looking to go to college in a warmer, more relaxed climate without attending a large state university. With the average September temperature in St. Augustine at 90.5 degrees and the average low of 48.6 degrees in January, there will be little need for parkas throughout the school year.

Flagler College emphasizes a sound liberal arts education paired with practical experience to bring your education to life. Students regularly attain internships related to their studies or partner with faculty on undergraduate research projects which could lead to publications or scholarly presentations. While Flagler is grounded in the liberal arts, it helps students translate the skills developed in their academic studies to the practical applications needed in the labor market. Thus, Flagler merges the theoretical aspects of the college journey with the practical realities of life after college.

Flagler College has a strong athletics program with 16 men’s and women’s sports that compete in the Peach Belt Conference. The Saints are proud to participate at the NCAA Division II level and have had success on the conference and national level. While athletes account for less than 10% of the student population, athletic events provide bonding events for the student body and for the local community, while not dominating the social scene.

We reached out to the admissions counselor for our area, Mr. Neil Patrickson, the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, who happily responded to us with some insights about Flagler College. We asked him the following three questions about Flagler College and here is what he had to say.

What is something about Flagler College that one would not find on your website that you think everyone who considers your school should know?

“There is some great information on the website, but one thing you cannot get is the actual interaction you have with professors. The professors are not here just to teach, they are here to impact students’ lives and act as mentors for life. Our professors have a true passion for what they teach, and it shows as soon as you set foot in the classroom.”

What is your favorite campus tradition or festivity unique to your school?

“My favorite tradition at Flagler has to be Coffee and Donuts on a Wednesday morning. It has been a tradition since 2007.”

What three words would you use to best describe Flagler College?

“Family, Inclusive and Transformative”

Mr. Patrickson’s insights confirm what we thought about Flagler College. We encourage students and families to visit Who knows, Flagler College may be the place for you, but you will have to give it The Third Degree of your own.

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