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Class of 2020: It Is Real Now

Current high school seniors have (hopefully) figured out where they will enroll in the fall. They are trying to balance the excitement of prom, graduation, and parties with the sometimes soul-crushing act of suiting up and showing up for school. Pray for them. You might want to pray even harder for their parents and teachers. Seniorities is only cured by graduating and the symptoms spike at the end.

Current high school juniors are getting ready to claim their position at the top of the high school food chain. They are watching the graduating seniors and realize they’re next. Scary and exciting!

Now is the time for juniors to really start the college admissions process. It isn’t a theory or an idea or a plan anymore. It is actual work that has a beginning and end. It is real now.

The following are a few action items for juniors before the end of the school year:

1. Finish strong. Remember—you’ll be applying for admission to college with grades through junior year. Senior year is still important, but junior grades are what will get you through the admissions door.

2. Make sure senior classes are challenging and appropriate for you—your abilities, likes, dislikes, and aspirations. Take the placement recommendations of teachers and counselors seriously—don’t limit or overextend yourself. Balance is key.

3. Have a testing plan. Register for ACT/SAT tests well in advance. You still have 3-4 dates available before application deadlines.

4. Think about (and maybe ask) teachers for recommendation letters. You’ll invite them officially in the fall, but you can go ahead and ask now.

5. Communicate with your school counselor. You don’t have to be a regular visitor to the office for daily chats, but you should make sure your counselor knows who you are.

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